OMI wants to position itself as a professional organizer who improves personal wellbeing by creating clean and cosy spaces in her clients’ homes.





Client:OMI - Organized Met Iris
Date:4th january 2021

A clean and cosy house makes people happy. Well organized systems make life a lot easier, and adds to the comfort of home. Filing systems, wardrobe layouts, optimizing the spaces inside your home and cleaning processes are Iris’ strengths but what separates her from “regular” professional organizers is her attention for personal health, because it could be the underlying cause of messy spaces.

Modern society demands living life in the fast lane, in which keeping your house clean and organized can provide quite some challenge. A clean and tidy place to call home is essential for your comfort and personal health. People are ashamed to admit their house is a mess, but are not always aware that getting professional help is actually possible, and a great way to turn your house into a cosy home again. All this required a brand identity and website that strengthens the power of OMI’s brand strategy. The website was built together with Copixa.

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