At the very beginning of the Covid 19 crisis, and the public life suddenly stopped, Belgium based company Leicon wouldn’t give in. In four weeks time, they created a complete range of pools, called Swimlanes. To reinforce the brand awareness, we developed a complete brand identity, which will inspire both recreational and competitive swimmers.





Date:25 October 2021

Swimlanes got lots of media attention from the start. It is a fully customized range of swimming pools, made by and for fanatic swimmers, both recreational and competitive. They position themselves as a high quality, yet budget friendly solution between the ranges of cheap swimming pools and the more expensive architectural pools. In the meantime, Swimlanes has also expanded internationally, with dealers in Portugal and Germany, as well as the installation of a 25 meter swimming pool for the famous long distance swimmer Christof Wandratsch (former European open water champion, former world ice swimming champion and Channel swimming speed record holder).

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