We build your brand the same way a house is being built. The brand strategy acts as the architectural plan, and runs like a thread through building your brand. It is something to fall back on when in doubt.

The brand identity will be the foundation, which will form a solid base to construct a magnificent building on.

Ultimately, your communication and presentation tools will be the building your audience will get to see, and which will define the image of your brand.

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Craving coffee, and constantly accompanied by some heavy metal music, that is the way i work at my best. The heavy metal part is alternated by a podcast from time to time. Very topical, or totally meaningless, sometimes the extremes couldn’t be further away from one another. The only constant is humour, because it strengthens the mind, and laughter is the best medicine!

My right brain hemisphere needs some variation though, and makes me grab for a book every now and then. The adventures of renowned designers or agencies stimulate creativity, but sometimes I also find myself completely lost in fictional portions of vikings, swords or dragons.

When i leave my ivory tower, you will find me around a racetrack from time to time, or practicing martial arts, at an average of three times a week.

Branding is much more than just a logo, but your logo is the first visual acquaintance with your brand, so it’s important to get the image right. To do that, we take the necessary steps before we start designing.

It is essential to research who and what your brand is and does, and match it to the needs of your target audience. A brand not saying what they want or need is not done, and it’s a gift your competitors will be happy to accept.

Once the foundation, or your brand identity is there, we will implement it as well, because the presentation of your brand will be the building your audience will get to see, and which will define the image of your brand. You know the feeling of coming home? That’s what we will do with your brand.

While a digital transition is going on, you should definitely not write off print applications, because it is and will be a creator of atmosphere that will put your brand in the picture. No matter the brand, we will search for the right tools to spread your message, create a fully customized design, constantly keeping one eye on your brand identity.

Apart from the creative side of the job, we always make sure everything is technically correct, so every printer can work with correct files.

The internet started out as a military venture several decades ago. It has since evolved in such a way that you can find just about everything and everyone on it. Businesses, social media, events, leisure activities, just to name a few. Almost everything is now sourced on websites, webshops, social media, blogs, etc. Each one slightly prettier and better than the other. Yet, if you spend 30 minutes surfing the internet, you will soon notice that it offers a huge range of possibilities.

However, you will be offered the greatest flexibility if you choose a custom-designed professional website, based on a Content Management System (CMS, such as Drupal or WordPress).

After all, a well laid out and attractive website is a must for any entrepreneur. It is the online showcase for your business, product or service. You determine the content, we define the style, and then we start programming all these building blocks to create a website that fully reflects your house style and brand identity. We also take care of your website’s domain name and hosting to ensure that you can be effectively found online.


Research, strategy, naming, baseline, logo, icons, colour analysis, graphic language, brand guidelines, image style

Communication & presentation

Business cards, letterheads, greetings cards, presentation folders, presentation templates (MS Office), stamps, envelopes, ballpoint pens, badges, notebooks…

Graphic design and layout

Folders, flyers, brochures, magazines, book layout, lettering, roll-up banners, posters and billboards, advertisements for print, web and social media, packaging, POS material, stickers, flags, tents, banners

Webdesign and social media

Websites, webshops, blogs, copywriting, advertising …

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